95% Silk 5% Lycra Bias Cut Yarn



Coral Cora

  • Stretch Silk Charmeuse Bias Ribbon Yarn – Coral Peach
  • 95% Silk 5% Lycra
  • One side shiny / other side matte (creates a beautiful variegated effect)
  • ½” wide (1.27 cm)
  • 38 yards (35 meters)

We are in love with this yarn. Not only does it have fantastic stretch and give – the color is incredible. And the variegated effect gives your knitting a high-end look. Because it is a silk yarn, your knits will keep you warm while still maintaining great breathability. The touch of Lycra gives this yarn and your knitting a fit-perfect stretch.

Recommended for: Bulky Knitting Machines (set stitch dial to highest number), Hand Knitting (8mm and bigger), and Ribbon / Trim / Bias Binding.

Comes on two spools. See below for a great video on how to knit from a spool on a knitting machine.

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Product Description

– Haute Couture Yarn –

These aren’t your ordinary yarns. We take limited-run designer fabrics from designers like Monique Lhuillier, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, and Trina Turk (among many others) and convert them into knittable, fittable, beautiful ribbon yarns. You will not find these yarns anywhere else- so if you’d like your knitting to truly be one of a kind, you’re in the right place. There are three ways you can use our haute couture yarns:

  1. Machine Knitting
  2. Hand Knitting
  3. As ribbon, trim, or bias binding

While all the yarns on this site can be used in a bulky knitting machine, some are better suited for the task. Please read each yarn description to see our recommendations for how to best use the yarn. All ribbon yarns have organic edges unless otherwise noted. We always recommend starting with a waste yarn whenever working with ribbon yarns.

Free samples of our yarns are available with any purchase – just put a request in the note section of your purchase.

Because the fabrics we use to make our yarns are so unique and come in limited quantities, we cannot guarantee you will be able to repurchase the yarn in the future.

Here is a great video by Erica Thomson showing how to set up your machine to knit with yarn, ribbon or wire on a spool:

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