FAQ & Shipping Policies

1. What are you shipping policies?

Standard shipping is FREE for all US purchases over $30. We ship via first class parcel post.  Our carrier is USPS. Shipping generally takes 2-7 business days within the US. Please be sure to select the “Free Shipping” option at checkout if your purchase is over $30. If your purchase is under $30, you will be charged the standard first-class package shipment cost. We offer a priority shipping option as well (2-3 days). We also ship internationally to a limited number of countries. Handling time is 1 to 5 business days. You will receive a tracking number via email where you can follow your package’s progress. 

2. What is your return policy?

At SpongeBar.com your satisfaction is very important to us. We will be happy to provide with a refund if you are not satisfied with the product after testing it out on your machine. In order to get a refund for a sponge, please take a photo of the product in your machine, a knitting sample, and let us know why you are unhappy with it. Email this to info@spongebar.com.  For all other products, please ship the unused items back to us within 15 days (we do not reimburse return shipping), and email us to let us know you are returning the item. You will receive your refund within 1-2 weeks. 

3. Do you ship internationally and what are your international shipping policies?

We currently ship internationally to Canada, UK, Australia, all of the European Union, and several other countries. If your country is not listed during checkout, please email us and we will try to add your country to the list.

The cost of international shipping does not include any tariffs or customs your country might impose. We use United States Postal Service International First Class Shipping for all international packages. If you are an international customer and need your shipment faster – please email us and we can find a shipping option that is priority or express.

4. What kind of knitting machines does the Ultra Sponge bar strip work in?

It works in most knitting machines. Complete list can be found in the Knitting Machine menu in our Store. If you have a machine that is not listed, please email us and we will let you know how to proceed. We do not offer any sponges for the SK 120 (Bulky 8).

5. Why is the sponge slightly taller than my old sponge?

We make our sponges 1/2″ tall rather than the standard 3/8″ height because this helps them last longer!

6. How do I install the Ultra Sponge Bar?

You will receive instructions with your mail order specific to your machine. If you lose these instructions, email us at info@spongebar.com and we will send you a PDF.

7. Why does the Ultra Sponge Bar have an adhesive back?

Because we love simplicity and efficiency. Rather than gluing it in, simply peel and stick! The machine is useable immediately, since you don’t have to wait the usual 24 hour time period for the glue to set. Replacing your sponge is now an instant process!

8. What sort of glue should I use to install my sponge strip into the retainer bar?

We no longer offer glue-in sponges, but if you have an older version of the Ultra Sponge that needs to be glued in, we recommend using a water-soluble glue such as Elmer’s school glue or contact cement. This makes cleanup and replacing the sponge bar in the future much easier/less messy as you can simply use water to clean it up. However, there are many other glues that do the job just fine such as Fabri-tac.

9. I have a knitting related store – do you sell the Ultra sponges at wholesale prices?

Yes we do. Checkout our Wholesale page for small wholesale orders.

10. I like your site – Can you like mine?

Sure! We are putting together a resources page right now. Please email us with a link to your knitting related website and  a 1 or 2 sentence description.  info@spongebar.com

11. I got the sponge – but I’m busy so I probably won’t have time to install it for a while. Will it really last a long time?

Yes! The combination of foam density and a 1.3 cm height (versus a 1 cm height), makes this sponge work like butter (if butter lasted for years that is!). To maximize its life, keep it in the airtight bag it came in. Keep it away from moisture and extreme heat.

12. Will this sponge really last me for years? My old sponges died after just a few months.

Yes, it should last several years with regular, domestic use. However, if for any reason you find that it lasts you less than 1 year, we will be happy to replace your Ultra Sponge with a new one for free.

13. How do I know which sponge is right for my machine?

We recommend shopping by your machine’s model number. There is a dropdown menu called “Shop By Knitting Machine” in the lower right hand corner of this page: https://www.knittingmachinesupplies.com/shop/ to guide you to the right products. If your machine does not appear on the list, please email us so we can guide you. info@spongebar.com

14. I don’t see a listing for the needles, tools, supplies etc for my specific machine. 

Please email us and we will advise you if we have something that might work or if we can source the item.

15. I have a question that wasn’t answered…

Email us your questions to info@spongebar.com